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Mr. White needs his potassium.
I decided to choose some words from a dictionary at random to get inspiration.

The first two were "Break" and "Banana".

I regret nothing.
Lt. Ursa 'Razor' Paycke
Presenting Lt. Ursa "Razor" Paycke, a volunteer subject in the experimental military division, codenamed, "Osiris". Much like her fellow subject, Ursa is a human who has been gene-spliced with the synthetic DNA of long-extinct animals. In her case, Utahraptor Ostrommaysorum. Her genetic graft bestows upon her traits invaluable and fearsome in battle. Ursa can sprint at well over 45 mph, and can maintain a sustained running speed of 35 mph for over an hour. She stands at just under 7 feet tall, with a tail half again long as she is tall. Her frame is slender but finely toned for her size. While she does not possess the sheer muscle mass as, say, "Tiny" or "Shortstuff" do, her musculature is easily more built than all but the highest-tier of proportionate humans.

 Ursa's eyesight is so sharp that she can unconsciously recognize long-healed injury in her targets (i.e. a broken leg from 5 years ago, etc..), and in close combat can instantly read her opponent's muscle movements to anticipate and counter their attack. She specializes in small arms and knives, or similar such lightweight implements. The claws on her hands are shorter than one would expect, although since she files them for ease of everyday use would explain this. Her feet, on the other hand, are a different story. Unsurprisingly, the large digit on her five-toed feet possesses a massive curved claw, over 7 inches long and capable of punching through multiple layers of Kevlar backed up by almost an eighth-inch of carbon steel.

While her bite strength isn't as strong as some of her colleagues, her hand-to-hand fighting skills are unmatched. Together with her squadmates, "Straightedge", "Sweeney" & "Todd" (each of whom are also gene-spliced using members of the dromeosauridae family), she leads the close-combat strike unit known officially as "Talon". Although truth be told, she (and most of their handlers and division residents) is far more fond of their colloquial moniker; the personnel on-base affectionately refer to them as "The Barbershop Quartet". While her 3 squadmates are gene-spliced using male saurian DNA, she was grafted with female, as her larger size and strength would fit her leadership role.

Like her best friend (and possible paramour), Lt. Regina "Tiny" Tyreese, Ursa was born a male (Uriel Paycke) and was transitioned into female by Osiris' gene-splicing procedure, much for the same reasons. Female raptors (like their bird descendants) were larger than males, and Osiris desired more perfect soldiers. Also like Regina, Ursa declined further surgery to complete the transition, seeming content with her altered appearance and gender identity. So yes, you perverts, she also has tits and ass but still packs below the belt. Sheesh. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Unlike Regina, however, Ursa slipped into her new identity with remarkable ease. Whereas her companion is sometimes plagued by inner conflicts over her sense of self, Ursa has no such problems. She's quite comfortable as she is, neither resenting her transgendered nature nor regretting undergoing the genetic graft. To quote her, "I used to be your average, 9-to-5 Joe Schmo whose job retention was even shorter than his average meaningful relationship length. Now, I'm a Jurassic badass, I kill bad guys for profit and pleasure, and I'm sexy as fuck to boot. What exactly do I have to feel regret for again?" Indeed, she seemingly has no compunctions over acting "girly". For pete's sake, she dyed her hair hot pink and listens to "Bad Romance" when she bathes.

In her downtime, Ursa enjoys fencing (to improve her hand-eye coordination), going for a nice jog, or similar such leisure activity. She tries her best to comfort her best friend Regina and help her come to terms with herself, and they always seem to be able to make each other smile. Ursa's favorite food is lamb chops, and her favorite snack is carrot cake (despite the fact that it holds literally no nutritional value for her).
Lt. Regina 'Tiny' Tyreese
Cripes, it's been a long time since I've uploaded anything. But you know what? I really, REALLY want to get back into it. Even though real life is a royal pain, drawing something and listening to music always helps mellow out my nerves. At one point I wanted to go into comics professionally, though the more I learn about the actual industry, the less I want to go into it. Granted, my current career isn't my ideal one, but as long as I'm in something, I may as well go as high as I can.
That being said, I want to keep up (or more importantly, improve) my artistic skills. Even if they never come in handy professionally, drawing stuff is a damn relaxing hobby. Anyhoo! Just because I've been away doesn't mean I haven't thought up concepts and characters I'd like to keep coming back to. So, without much further ado, I'd like to introduce Reg!

As genetic research and technology advance, so to does the art of war. A volunteer in the experimental super-soldier program, codenamed "Osiris", Regina is a human mutated by genetic engineering. More specifically, she is gene-spliced, her human DNA grafted with synthesized DNA of the long-extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex. She has various traits her dinosaur donor possessed, as well as some they did not. For instance, she is exceedingly large and muscular for a human, standing almost ten feet tall, her entire musculature (arms excluded) built like a tank. She has a thick and powerful tail, and her skin has hardened into scale-like dermal coverings of various size, shape, and texture. These skin plates can vary greatly, from smooth to the touch on her belly and thighs, to more leatherlike on her upper flanks, to crocodile-like armor on her back.

Regina can run at over 20 mph, can kick down a brick wall reinforced with 1-inch steel plate with little effort, and has twice the bite strength of a saltwater crocodile. The thicker parts of her skin can repel small arms fire and shields her from extreme heat. Her tail can essentially function as an additional (less dexterous) limb of frightening strength. In one observed instance (on testing grounds) she was observed using her tail as a roundhouse battering ram to strike at the gun turret of an M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tank with sufficient force to completely tear the turret from its bearings. She is heterochromatic, her eyes engineered specifically for battle. Her gold left eye has a horizontal pupil for to better survey and navigate terrain. Her blue right eye has a vertical pupil for target acquisition and movement analysis.

Regina's only major physical weaknesses are firstly; her necessary food intake is at least 5 times greater than the average soldier, and denial of sufficient caloric intake can send her into a 'predator mode', wherein she will actively hunt down fresh food. She can be extremely difficult to bring out of this state, with sedatives, food offerings, and (notably) conversing with Lt. Paycke being the only reliable methods of calming Regina down. Secondly;, the gene-splice that increased her overall muscle-mass and strength to inhuman levels ironically (and perhaps unsurprisingly, given hindsight) shrank her arms to near useless proportions, given her size. Her armstrength is still well above a human, but the diminutive scale of them resulted in her compensating by donned a pair of enhanced exoskeletal prosthetics.

Regina does possess other weaknesses, but they are primarily psychological. She isn't insane or unstable by any means, but she has identity issues, mostly due to the side effects of the gene-splicing procedure. She is not bothered by the increased size and strength, nor did she have difficulty adjusting to her new, more fearsome appearance, but rather it is her gender that has changed. Perhaps we should have mentioned that earlier?

Regina was born Reginald Tyreese, and still was so before the gene-splice procedure. However, due to paleontological research indicating that female tyrannosaurs were significantly larger and stronger than their male counterparts, Osiris decided to splice Reginald with a female tyrannosaur genome. While he agreed to it, the effects were far more dramatic than anticipated. The gene-splice cannot create new internal structures, only enhance and restructure biological systems already present. Human males have breasts and the same skeletal structure as human females. There was nothing stopping the genetic graft from working with materials it was presented and re-purposing them to better match the large, strong, inherently female nature of its spliced code.

However, since the splice cannot produce entirely new systems, Reginald's, ahem, 'delicates' did not turn female, despite the fact that in overall appearance, he was now most definitely a she. She refused to have this surgically altered to match her body, perhaps because doing so would remove the only vestige she still had left to remind herself who she once was. Or perhaps because in a creature this large and strong, removing a major hormone production center could have some serious deleterious effects and she wasn't about to invite any more. So, yes, in answer to your question, this means Regina is a male-to-female transgender who can still pee standing up. And yes, in answer to your other question, she is apparently quite hung. Pervert.

Her best friend (perhaps more than just that, wink-wink nudge-nudge) is Lt. Ursa "Razor" Paycke, another Osiris super-soldier who underwent a similar (in more ways than one) gene-splice procedure, though in Paycke's case the splice was using synthesized Utahraptor genes. Unfortunately Paycke's squadmates (particularly "Straightedge") are persistently demeaning to Reg. Then again, "Straightedge" is also a jerk to Paycke too, as well as to the twins, "Sweeney" & "Todd". Ironically, seemingly the only people he isn't a jerk to are Regina's squadmates, "Shortstuff" & "Sailor". Too bad they want nothing to do with him. "Sharkbait" just ignores him. "Straightedge" sucks. Fuck him.

Regina remains a mainstay in Osiris' task and strike forces, and is often called upon when an assignment requires both brute force and precision. She spends her downtime relaxing as most any other squad member does, hitting the gym as necessary, watching television, reading, or similar such leisure activity. She is fond of aromatherapuetic baths, which help in unwind and are particularly effective due to her heightened sense of smell. Multiple times Regina has been offered fully cybernetic prosthetics, requiring the surgical removal of her arms at the shoulder. She has thus far refused, despite the fact it would make her undoubtedly more effective in combat. Why she refuses to do so remains a mystery.


United States
Current Residence: Jersey. deal with it.
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Ugh...I really need to get on the ball.

Current Project List:
DARKLORD98 's Persona (Ushi-Oni, currently in colouring stage)
TitaniaTheRam 's Persona (Edesia)
RandomlyLovesYaoi 's Poke-Fusion

Real life has been an absolute nightmare lately, so I apologize for falling so severely behind.
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